04 March 2015

Food and Swaps

I am catching up on blog posts, so bear with me. This will be a quick one.

I made this tote for the Sew Sew Modern 6 swap.

This is what I'm tentatively working on for the Mug Rug Revival swap.
Partner, is this any good or should I try again with more colors of the rainbow?

This is the Valentine's Day Feast I made for my fiance, mom, and cousin: Crown rack of lamb with roasted veggies.

I also made this from an episode (Frontier Fiesta) of the Pioneer Woman show: Tequila lime chicken, refried black beans, and cheesy rice casserole. We loved the chicken and black beans, but the rice was slightly boring. I would rather just make my great grandma's Mexican rice.

02 March 2015

Tardis! Tardis! Tardis!

My fiance's best friends are having a baby boy, named Topher, and he is due any week now. In January, I helped to throw them a Dr. Who themed baby shower.

For the shower, I made some triangle bunting with multi-Tardis fabric (is the plural of Tardis Tardii?) and K9 fabric.
Close up of the multi-Tardis fabric. Is it Tardises or Tardii?

I did not think to get a picture of them. But I do have a picture of the Topher blocks I made into bunting. 
Decorations for a Dr. Who themed baby shower I'm throwing for a friend. So much Tardis fabric!

Hopefully the letters and triangle bunting will all end up getting used for something now that the shower has passed.

As for my shower gift, I decided to make a Tardis quilt. As for the design, I made up the pattern as I went, so if you are interested, let me know and I can get you my diagrams and cutting measurements. Here it is in phase 1, without a border.
Tardis quilt front for Dr. Who baby shower gift. Does it need a border?

I'm calling it "Tardis Sunrise." Sticking with my goal of using up my fabric stash instead of immediately buying fabric for quilts, it was made entirely from my stash!
Tardis quilt finished! Just in time for the Dr. Who baby shower.

The quilting was done in royal blue thread and is just random straight lines which created some neat geometric shapes.

The soon-to-be parents sent me this picture a while back. It shows the quilt in its new home. Yaaay! Thanks to Mike and Jamie for the picture.