18 August 2014

Thirteen Blocks

First off, patterns and color codes for the fabric I used in blocks 2, 6, 8, 12, 24, 25, and 29 can be found over here. 

Now onto the rest of the blocks! I am using twenty of the blocks from the Moda Friendship Sampler QAL. They were not made in any particular order, other than when my LQS had the fabric I wanted to use. I used almost exclusively Moda Bella Solids, because a) that is what my LQS carries and b) I'm from Texas and Moda is from Texas. Yay for Texas! There is one solid that isn't Moda Bella, but it is labeled as such. :)

Now I'm struggling to arrange the blocks in a pleasing manner so I can start adding sashing in-between them and get this bad boy assembled and quilted! Woohooo!
Moda sampler block
Block 1: Raspberry (Bella 9900 140) and Boysenberry (Bella 9900 217)

Moda sampler block
Block 3: Yellow (Bella 9900 24) and Capri (Bella 9900 225)

Moda sampler block
Block 4: 30's Blue (Bella 9900 25) and Kiwi (Bella 9900 189)

Moda sampler block
Block 10: Horizon Blue (Bella 9900 111) and Citrine (Bella 9900 211)

Moda sampler block
Block 13: Royal (Bella 9900 19) and Fuchsia (Bella 9900 190)

Moda sampler block
Block 15: Chartreuse (Bella 9900 233) and 30's Pink (Bella 9900 27)

Moda sampler block
Block 16: Mango (Bella 9900 222) and Grey (Bella 9900 83)

Moda sampler block
Block 17: Horizon Blue (Bella 9900 111) and Freespirit Azalea (S 59)

Moda sampler block
Block 21: Fuchsia (Bella 9900 190) and Clementine (Bella 9900 209)

Moda sampler block
Block 22: 30's Pink (Bella 9900 27) and Daffodil (Bella 9900 250)

Moda sampler block
Block 27: Robin's Egg (Bella 9900 85) and Raspberry (Bella 9900 140)

Moda sampler block
Block 30: Mango (Bella 9900 222) and Jade (Bella 9900 108)

Moda sampler block
Block 31: Boysenberry (Bella 9900 217) and Amelia Lavender (Bella 9900 164)

Since I only made 20/31 of the possible blocks, here are links to the patterns of the ones I didn't make: Block 5Block 7Block 9Block 11Block 14Block 18Block 19Block 20Block 23Block 26, and Block 28.

13 August 2014

Rainbows Galore

I have recently finished sending off goodies for three swaps, so I wanted to share them.

First off my bag for the Secret Tote Bag Swap. For this round, everyone is making 241 totes. I came up with two drastically different sides so that my partner could have more options.
Front and back: same colors, different styles.

And this is the finished product. I used linen for the background and the sewing dictionary print for the pockets.
Front and back: Done! I hope you like it, Partner!

For the August edition of Super Swaps, we were to make either a zippered pouch or fabric basket. I opted for the fabric basket, but might also whip up a small pouch to add in. I had fun adding the FMQ. On the left there is an orange strip and on the right there is a stripe of purple. I used crosshatch for the handles.
Partner, apparently I'm stuck in a rainbow kick. I hope this works for you. :)

Then we have the mug rug I made for Mug Rug Revival. This was my original fabric pull. I couldn't decide on the violet, but after I posted this, my partner commented that she liked the dragonfly violet, so I went with that one!
Partner, how do you feel about this? If you like it, which purple do you prefer? I swear the bottom one is purple!

I ended up using English Paper Piecing half hexagons and equilateral triangles because my sewing machine was in the shop at the time.
I had to go with plan b and use EPP since my machine is in the shop.

I used linen for the background and decided to add accent stitching with embroidery thread.
My sewing machine is in the shop, so I'm hand quilting. Partner, I hope this rainbow pinwheel make you think of summer!

I forgot to take a picture before mailing it off, but this is the picture my partner posted when she received the mug rug. She loved it, which is such a relief because we were supposed to make something summery and I wasn't sure if rainbow pinwheels would be summer-y to anyone but myself. Photo by Lisa Garber.

12 August 2014

Sewing Before Writing

I am so excited to have my sewing machine back and am absolutely dreading teaching this fall semester that I have been getting a lot of sewing done (and not much blogging)! First off we have a quilt my mom commissioned me to make for her cousin who is getting married. I tried to be good and use some stuff from my stash, hence the background changes. Oh well. I have until September to finish this one.

I have also started making food to freeze so I have tasty things to eat when I am too busy teaching to cook. First off, homemade pita bread using 1/3 whole wheat flour. Yum!
Homemade pita bread!

Then some steak fingers with roasted veggies, mashed potatoes, and red cabbage coleslaw.
Steak fingers, cole slaw, veggies, and mashed potatoes.

Oh yeah, back to sewing. Here is a sashiko panel I stitched up. I'm working on adding some super secret applique.

I also started working on some Moda Friendship Sampler blocks. I am going to try my best to provide links to patterns and color codes for the fabric I use. Eventually there will be 20 blocks made (of the available 31 patterns), but they are not going to be made in numerical order. I am making them as my LQS has the Bella solids I want to use.
Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 2: Daffodil (Bella 9900 250) and Clementine (Bella 9900 209)

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 6: Cobalt (Bella 9900 227) and Kiwi (Bella 9900 189).

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 8: Peacock (Bella 9900 216) and Amelia Pink (Bella 9900 166)

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 12: Daffodil (Bella 9900 250) and Grey (Bella 9900 83)

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 24Kiwi (Bella 9900 189) and Aqua (Bella 9900 34).

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 25: Bright Turquoise (Bella 9900 226) and Grey (Bella 9900 83).

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 29: Fuchsia (Bella 9900 190) and Grey (Bella 9900 83).