17 January 2013


This is not a new year's resolution. This is just something that hit me, and I want to try my best to stick to it.

I am not buying any fabric unless it is necessary for a project I am actually working on.

This means no more online fabric ordering in the middle of the night when I get fabric envy from someone else's projects.

This means no more picking up miscellaneous fabric when I visit new out of town shops on my travels just because it is something I like and can't get at home.

Realistically, this might mean no more visiting new shops.

What saddens me is that it means no more obligatory supporting of small business owners. At least I can sleep easy knowing my money will not be going into big box stores instead.

This means no more "oo, but this is my favorite fabric, so I have to buy it every chance I get!"

This is about clutter and chaos, not money (although hello added bonus). My stash runneth over, and I do not feel bad about that. But I know that I have picked up so much incredible fabric and it all deserves a chance to get used. If I keep buying fabric, stuff will start getting lost in the madness. Speaking of the madness, my organization is slipping because I keep having to make accommodations for new fabrics. Hopefully if there is a set number, I can make my space a relaxing sewing haven that I am proud of.

Plus, I woke up with a decision about going for more grad school (Yes, more grad school. I'm a nut.), and it involves a move. Translation: My stash needs to shrink significantly over the next few years.

Fine Print: If I do happen to find one of the fabrics I have spent so long trying to find (think: Moda Lush line), I will probably allow myself to splurge. Come on, I am human and this isn't really a resolution.  :)

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  1. Oh how i wish i had your strength... good luck!