16 April 2013

Craft Fair Prep

Woot! I was finally approved to have a booth at the Corpus Christi Farmers' Market Craft Fair. This is great news because it will give me a chance to sell some of the stuff I have been making that either hasn't made it to my Etsy or made it and didn't sell. The best part is that I don't have to worry about shipping the stuff if I can sell it here! Double bonus.

I have the interiors and exteriors of 20 tote bags made, so they only need handles and finishing. I can bust that out in no time.

I also made a few super fun potholders. They feature the family motto my dad and I decided upon when I was little. We pulled it from one of our favorite old sci-fi movies, This Island Earth. He and I used to watch it together all the time. We put the quote on my dad's headstone and I have a giiiiiiant tattoo of it that covers the entire right side of my torso.

So yeah, these are the potholders! I love the way they came out! If I make some to keep, I might add more doodles. These will probably not make it to the craft fair. Friends are claiming them left and right, and because of the sentimentality and time invested, I would rather see them go to people I care about.

I have also finished the paper pieced tips of 16 arrows for a quilt I am working on. I am going to put them randomly all around the quilt. The middle sections are done too, but those are boring. Now I just have to finish the feathery ends of the arrows and I can start laying it out. Hopefully this will be done in time to sell at the craft fair (even if I just have to do a boring old stitch in the ditch).

Speaking of quilts, I have started hand stitching the back of the binding down on the spiral table runner I made. This will for sure be up for sale at the craft fair!

I have also started making some cute little clutches with bows on the front. The pattern is so easy to follow and with coupons and sales, the total cost is: $1.50 for exterior linen fabric + $0.99 for zipper + $0.55 for interfacing + $0.35 for lining fabric, which comes to a grand total of $3.39 in supplies, per bag! Woo! Also, they are incredibly adorable!

Last but not least, here are a few non-crafty photos. This first one is a totally underwhelming salad that was my dinner last night. What makes this salad overwhelming is that the greens were all grown in my garden!! Yesss!

This final photo shows one of my Hoya plants that happens to be blooming right now! Yay! I have three of these plants in different varieties and I just love them. Their blooms are so peculiar.

So, here is my plan for the craft fair: Since I have only been sporadically making things over the past few months, I have forced myself into mad sewing mode. It feels like a stinking sweatshop at my house! I did not give myself a set quota. Let's be honest, if I told myself to make 20 reusable tote bags, I would rebel, make 7 and go do something else. So my plan is to just make as much of everything as I can. When I get bored making one particular thing, I switch to something else. It has been going fairly well.


  1. Wow, you have been really productive! It seems like you're already well on your way for the craft sale. :) Those potholders are amazing!! I can see why your friends are snapping them up. :D
    Your salad greens did so well. Ours ended up getting munched to death (um, literally I guess) by some sort of caterpillar/worm thing.

  2. Yep, I like you. The potholders and pocketbooks are mega-cute you should have no problem selling those. Good luck, make sure to let us know how it goes!

  3. i love those potholders! very creative.

  4. If you'd like to make your costs even cheaper on your clutches, ZipIt on Etsy has zippers in bulk for incredibly cheap. I think they come to .33 each...every little bit helps :) Good luck at the Farmers Market!

  5. Great potholders, and great motto! The little clutches are adorable, I bet they will sell well!