08 April 2013

Spicy Spiral Table Runner: Front

Let me preface this post by saying that assembling the front of this quilt table runner was SO. Much. Fun. I am actually sad that I am out of town for work this weekend which prevents me from finishing this one or starting another one. Ooookay, so that is not the only reason I am sad to be out of town for work this weekend... but whatevs. Let me put it this way, you need 8 fat quarters to make this, and my most recent trip to my LQS was spent counting fabrics to see if I could find 8 coordinating bolts to make another of these. (Sadly, I couldn't.)

This ruler right here is the secret to this amazing pattern. You absolutely could not make this pattern without a 9 or 10 degree wedge ruler. The pattern calls for 9 degree wedge, but claims 10 degree would also work. I found 9 degree at the store, so 9 degree it was. Woo.

This ruler might be my new bff (IDK, my bff Rose?) because it was SO SIMPLE TO USE! Oddly enough though, the ruler is sort of a liar. Okay, liar might be a stretch, but this is what confused me about the pattern until I had the wedge ruler in my hands.. cutting a 21" strip is actually only 18.25" long! The pointy end stops at 2.75" so that you never have to sew awkward points! Yess! Here are two pictures that illustrate it. The first has wonderful lighting but a horrible background while the second has a wonderful background and horrible lighting. You get the idea though...

So on with the finished product itself... I am going to start giving spoiler pictures. In this first photo, it really just looks like I am the absolute worst at matching up seams. If that were the case (I'm not arguing) at least I am consistent.

Now in this second photo you can maybe start to see it wasn't a total accident. Also, you can see a lot more of the Honey, Honey line here. Mmmm. This might be my favorite fabric line at the moment. It is just so fun.

Then you get to the third photo and it is all ooo, that's a curve. What in the world? How the? And of course, a little "ohhh, the seams are supposed to be like that. I get it!"

Then viola! An amazing curvey and spiraly table runner that has a bargelloesque vibe to it.

In case you want to make one of these bad boys yourself, I used the Spicy Spiral Table Runner pattern, but have had no luck tracking it down online. I bought it from my LQS and would gladly buy one from my LQS and mail it to you if you pay me for the pattern because I love supporting local businesses. I also used a 9 degree ruler. The pattern itself said to use 9, but said you could sub a 10.

Now I just need to quilt and bind this bad boy and it will be ready to gift or sell! Woo!

***EDIT!!*** Patty, the author of this amazing pattern sent me an email with info on where to buy the pattern in case your local quilt shop doesn't carry it. It is available online through Phillips Fiber Art. Weee! It looks like they also sell the 10 degree wedge rulers. I used a 9 degree, but the pattern says a 10 will totally work. So yay! Buy away and enjoy this amazing and fun pattern! Thanks for the info, Patty!


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  2. Wow! That is beautiful and looks way more complicated than you make it sound. Great job.

  3. Love your table runner! How would you make that a quilt?

  4. Very good stuff! I love love love curves and always enjoy fabric projects that incorporate them.

  5. WOW! That is so cool! I also love Honey Honey.

  6. This is really gorgeous! Nice job

  7. I made one this past weekend. It is so much fun!