26 June 2013

Fun Stuff

I have been working on some stuff for myself this week. First off is a table runner/bed runner/ awkwardly long and skinny mini-quilt. I based the pattern off of a kit for a teeny tiny mug rug they had at my local quilt store. I used all the same fabrics, but made the blocks bigger and used more of them. I can't believe how well I got the points to match up!

I have no idea how I am going to quilt this, or what I am even going to back it with, so this is the state it is in. This is also the state it will remain in until I figure out where it is going.

I also made myself a pillowcase out of some Les Amis fabric I bought at QuiltCon. I just love this dang fabric!

The pattern I used has a band that looks like a stripe, but it really is a band. Here is a photo showing it flipped up to prove it is a band, not a stripe. Emphasis on the band, not a stripe thing.

I also finished the front of the Science Fair quilt in Honey, Honey. For the background fabric, I used some tone on tone white. There are just so many seams to mess up in this pattern! Somehow the quilt and I both survived!

The Camp Snoopy sample quilt came back from the quilters, and I finished the binding today.

Here is a close-up of the quilting, done by Kenneth Butler.

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  1. You've been busy! I really like whatever the fabric is in the border of your runner. Really compliments the rest of it perfectly!