19 June 2013

Two Point Seven Five[ish] Quilts!

Since I have last really blogged (way back in May), I have finished two complete quilts and two fronts. This is technically 3 quilts, but I thought the title was more fun this way. Here goes!

First off we have a sample I made up for The Quilt Cottage. Making samples is rad. They give you all the fabric and tools, you assemble the front, they long-arm quilt it (which I can never afford!), you bind it, it sits in the store for a few months, and then you keep it! Here it is! 

From another angle with the backing showing. Also the pattern is the Big Blocks pattern.

And this final one shows the quilting which was done by Kenneth Butler.

The second quilt is a "Yay! Y'all bought a house!"quilt for my boyfriend's best friend and his wife. It started ages ago with the original intent of being for me. It is a twister quilt, so you start with something like this:

Then cut it up and sew it back together again to make this:

Turns out it was way too big so I trimmed it down when I decided to give it to them. Here is the final one!

Here is the binding and backing combo for the twister quilt.

As for the front I finished, it is a Super Swoon! I am writing a tutorial to make one giant Swoon block that fills a whole quilt. This is the fabric I picked. 

Here they all are together, looking awesome. Cthulhu! Woot!

And here is the overall picture of the front, with my shadow for scale. I am absolutely keeping this one for myself. It is off getting professionally quilted. I like it so much to pay for the quilting. If you know me [and how cheap I am], you know how amazing that is.

I also have some bee blocks to show off. Both of the bees I am in had us using Oh Deer! Here are the two blocks I made. The first is for Color Bee Shocked, the second for Quilting newBEES.

I have lots of samples in my future. Some of them I am excited about, others not so much. But I will find homes for it all, and it is wonderful practice, even if I don't love the fabric! 

Here is one I am super excited about! I picked up all the fabric along with the pattern and tool to make the Science Fair quilt in Honey, Honey! I absolutely love this fabric line! There is also some white on white fabric, but it wouldn't photograph well.

I am also making a whole bunch of sample Snoopy stuff. First there is a pillowcase.

There is also a quasi-coordinating quilt. I apologize for the horrible picture, but it was taken on my bed at night, and the lighting is horrible! You can find the pattern for this over here. This one will be dropped off for quilting tomorrow. 

Now for a bit of Christmas in June. Here is this elongated churn dash block in horribly traditional X-Mas fabric. 

Luckily I am also researching patterns for a much better line of X-Mas fabric, Aspen Frost. I just have to find something the owner of the quilt shop and I agree on. Shouldn't be too difficult! 

Okay, so I have had a lot going on and will continue to stay that way. This is a great feeling because I have been feeling neglectful of my sewing. 


  1. I love that black/yellow quilt! Lovely! And what a great way to get a new quilt. wow!
    I keep looking at those Aspen Frost fabrics too. Love them. I'm sure I will get them eventually.

  2. I made the same quilt as the top one for my daughters graduation quilt. It was a fun and fast quilt. I enjoyed looking at your blog. You are busy!!

  3. That's a lot of projects! I like the black and yellow one. The swoon one looks great, too! And how exactly did you do the twister one? That's pretty neat!

  4. Wow, you sure have been busy! I love that yellow and gray quilt. That's such a great combo!

  5. BUSY! I love it all! Your happiness comes through your posting and I like your profile!

  6. You do have a lot on the go!! They are all great, but I adore the first one that you made

  7. Holy moly! You're a busy beaver! I really dig that pink moose fabric!

  8. wow! lots of great projects going on! I really love your twister quilt!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  9. Fabulous! So many fun projects!

  10. I really like that grey and yellow quilt. The Super Swoon is beautiful, too, and the snoopy quilt is very cute.