23 July 2013

Quilts & Bags, Quilts & Bags.

I finally finished the front of the puppy dog sample quilt I have been making. It required 25 of these puppies and my goal was to make sure all of the points on the ears stayed in tact! Also, it only takes one 5" charm square per puppy, so it could be make to look scrappy!

I love all of the puppies together. What I love most about this pattern is that the rows are staggered so there was no need to make sure everything lined up. Score one for my lazy side.

Here is what it looks like with all the rows and borders in place. I would like it to be known that my goal of not losing a single point was met! Yesss! I apologize for the front porch picture (you have to admire my photo-bomb succulent!) but it was way too sunny to get a picture anywhere else.

In case you are wondering, the puppy pattern is actually called Nicole. I found it in this book:

 I also got the Science Fair quilt in Honey, Honey back from the quilters. I finished the binding up last night.

I used an Amy Butler print for the backing. This one is also destined to be a sample quilt.

I also made a couple of grocery bags. This first one is for my boyfriend. The main panel is an old t-shirt of his. It was one of his favorites, but he hated the color and was going to give it away since he never wore it. So I asked if he wanted me to make a bag out of it so he could keep the design, and he went for it! Mad props to anyone who gets it!

Here is a close-up of the front. It looked too boring without the little bit of hand stitching. Hopefully he will like the addition. :) [Edit: I gave it to him this afternoon and he thought the hand stitching was a great addition.]

This is what I used for the lining. Too bad there is no Firefly fabric.

I also made a bag for my cousin. She is obsessed with ornamental cabbages, so when I found this fabric, I absolutely HAD to get it. She suggested the mushroom fabric for the straps. Here is a picture of both the front and back, since the cabbage fabric is so different on either side.


  1. Those dogs are adorable!!! I actually love the non-matchy layout. YAY for the big finish too. It is gorgeous. :)

  2. The dogs are absolutely fabulous!

  3. I love the dogs! That is such a cute quilt!!

  4. I just love the puppy-design and what you made of it. The Science Fair quilt also is on my to-do list and it was inspiring to see what someone else made of it.

  5. Sabrina i love your little dogs! Such a fun quilt. The hexagons a beautiful.

  6. Sabrina; your quilts are gorgeous...and the bag is too cute

  7. Great post! I love all the quilty pics. Your little puppy quilt top is adorable. Congrats on keeping their ears from being docked. Love the hexagon quilt, too! And those bags are sweet! Lucky friends you have!


  8. I love the dog quilt, I am working on a dog quilt at the moment but not that pattern! Check it out:

  9. You need to enter you puppy quilt in the upcoming: Dogs on Quilts! (It's ADORABLE!!!) You'll find the link on my blog: myplvl.blogspot.com