17 September 2013


Ooookay, I didn't exactly get nothing done, but I really didn't do a lot.

I did pick fabric for the Secret Tote Bag Swap. I am making a 241 bag, but I increased the pattern size so it will be a little bigger. I have all the exterior bits cut and I think the fabric really fits with my partner's wishes.
Partner, I know the photo is terrible but what do you think about this?

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I finally made some gnocchi al pesto. I have been desperately wanting to try making this. It turned out nicely, but would be better with my pesto instead of store bought.
Gnocchi al pesto! Made in the new house! Yesss!

I also completed the front of a quilt and completely forgot to take a picture of it before getting it off for quilting. I even finished more half hexagons and assembled my first pinwheel out of half hexagons, but naturally I also forgot to take pictures of those.

Hopefully you were able to accomplish a bit more than I was.

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