19 November 2013

A Skirt!

With the semester quickly drawing to a close, I have been ridiculously busy. It is terrifying how soon it will be over. After today I only have to teach 4 days until Thanksgiving break. After Thanksgiving, there are only 4 days of teaching all 10 classes, followed by 2 days with only 6 classes, and then proctoring 3 exams the next week. Wow! I have so much grading in my future.

I basted about 30 more 3" half hexies, but forgot to take a picture of them, so you just have to trust me about them!

I also did some recipe testing. My contributions for Thanksgiving dinner will be: Sundried tomato pesto risotto, truffle mac & cheese, cranberry sauce, and a new recipe for me: Cranberry upside down cake. I sampled one at Trader Joe's and decided I had to buy it! That led to me having to make it! I made a trial batch, and the cake was just too dense, so I decided to my standard cupcake recipe with a few modifications. Mmm, they look pretty and taste better than plain old vanilla cupcakes. I will be posting a recipe for these soon.

I also worked on a quiche recipe. This is a hash brown crust quiche filled with goat cheese brie, asparagus, spinach, and broccoli!

Oh my gosh, I can't decide if it looks better all together or cut into slices!

Somehow I managed to also knock out a skirt. Okay, it is an easy pattern, so it makes sense. I followed this little kid skirt pattern, but just made it to my size.

Here is a close-up shot of the fabric and lace trim at the bottom. I used a pinstriped linen fabric, so I had to add in French seams to avoid ridiculous amounts of fray. Sadly the trim was more expensive than the linen.
Skirt! Detail.

And here is an action shot of me in the skirt playing tag with my chickens (I am chasing Hyacinth and Rose, while Violet is chasing me!). This might end up being what I wear for Thanksgiving. :)
Skirt! Action shot!


  1. I love the extra fine details and fabric choices for this skirt, very well done!

  2. Oh My Gosh!! That quiche looks absolutely scrumptious!!! Can you part with the recipe?? Oh please!! lubna_2112@hotmail.com

  3. That quiche looks amazing! :) Your skirt is lovely, you did a nice job. :)