27 November 2013

A Tale of Two Foxes

Way back in August before this crazy over-full-time teaching semester started, I made this little blue fox potholder for my mom. She loves foxes and she loved the potholder... TOO MUCH! She refused to use it because it was just too cute. Ugh.
I made the fox blue because I'd never seen a blue fox before and I wanted to see one.

So I decided to make her a slightly larger wall hanging version so that she could actually take the potholder to her church baking group and show it off like she wanted. Progress was made and I documented over here.

Finally it was ready to be quilted. Since it is for my mom and I love her, I added a secret little heart. Man, my FMQ needs work.

But on the up-side, my FMQ is definitely improving. Here is the quilting on the newly made fox's head.

And here is the quilting on her predecessor [we decided the foxes were both females]. See how much I have improved!

Now here they both are together in a photo so bright you can hardly even see the quilting.

And here they both are in a photo where the quilting is overwhelmingly obvious. Apparently I am no good at finding a happy medium. Anyways, I put two loops on the newer version so it can be easily hung on the wall and displayed. It hasn't made it that far though because she is taking it everywhere with her and showing it off. Aww!

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