11 March 2014

Spring Break: Part One

I am so thrilled to have a break from teaching for a week! My car is in the shop, so I am stuck at home and have been working hard to maximize my time, which would explain the project riddled, photo-heavy post. I'm going to try and be brief. It would also explain why I'm done with both of my LYoF goals for the month: My Pantone challenge quilt and my STBS tote bag. Both are in this post.

I finished the front of my Pantone challenge quilt. Here is a close-up fabric shot to see the Radiant Orchid-ness. Mmm, shot cotton.

Here is a shot of the whole front. If I have time to quilt it, great, but at least as a front, it is enterable. The top is 48" by 48". Once it is quilted, I am planning on binding it in that green color between the leaves.

I made my first Spoonflower fabric! Woot! You can find it here. It is a 19" x 24" map of Middle Earth. I have uploaded several different orientations and sizes, if you are interested.

I got the panels made and quilted for this round of Secret Tote Bag Swap.

I even finished the tote bag and made it to the post office to get it in the mail before my car went into the shop.

The boyfriend and I made some blueberry cornmeal pancakes. The cornmeal pancake might have been my favorite pancake ever! Recipe is here, but we didn't coat the blueberries in sugar.

I started on my mug rug for the March Mug Rub Revival Swap. I made up a paper pieced pattern for the block and will hopefully release it soon.
Partner, is this okay so far?

We also made a key lime pie and topped it with tequila lime whipped cream. (Recipes here and here)
Key lime pie with tequila lime whipped cream!

We also made some spinach, caramelized onion, & mushroom grilled cheeses. I might whip up a recipe post for these.
Spinach, mushroom, and caramelized onion grilled cheese

Then the chickens were 27 days old and I caught a photo of two of them mid-flight.
27 days old..

We also made some Guinness stew and it was amaaaazing. Recipe here.
Guinness stew

Then there were the dulce de leche stuffed cupcakes...
Dulce de leche stuffed cupcakes

That turned into salted caramel cupcakes! Recipe post for these is in the works.
Salted caramel frosting on the dulce de leche stuffed cupcakes

Then the chicks turned 4 weeks old. Here they are looking huge and waiting patiently while we clean their cage.
4 weeks old! In a holding cage while we get their surprise ready

And here they are in their new cage with a perch! One little lady is even testing the perch out.
For their 4th week birthday they got a perch and a cage clean!

And we grew some broccoli.

Pfffew. I'm exhausted. Have you also been busy? If so, what are you working on?


  1. Love the colours in the bag. I am sure your Middle Earth Fabric will be popular!

  2. The purple star has some great colours ...

  3. What are your cupcakes stuffed with

  4. Wow, you've been crazy busy with a lot of awesome projects. Great work!

  5. The bag looks awesome and your radiant orchid quilt looks great, that shot cotton looks iridescent.

  6. All I can say is WOW, you are one busy woman! Love the radiant orchid star.

  7. Your radiant orchid star is a real eye catcher! Beautifully bold. Making the binding that green color from the print is going to be gorgeous, it's such a pretty color with those orchid tones! Beautiful work!

  8. Wow - your radiant orchid star is definitely radiant! Love how much the colours pop against that dark grey background!