22 July 2014

Begrudgingly Back to Blogging after Bonaire

My sewing machine was in the shop for weeks. I was out of the country and underwater for a over a week. Boyfriend is working 16 hour shifts. With 3 days notice, I took over teaching summer classes, mid-semester.

...These are all moderately legitimate excuses for my lack of blogging enthusiasm. But the truth is: I should be blogging because the only thing actually in my brain is "It's summer and I don't wanna!" Here we go.

Since my sewing machine really was in the shop for weeks, we begin with hand sewing. This is for Mug Rug Revival.
Partner, how do you feel about this? If you like it, which purple do you prefer? I swear the bottom one is purple!
I had to go with plan b and use EPP since my machine is in the shop.
My sewing machine is in the shop, so I'm hand quilting. Partner, I hope this rainbow pinwheel make you think of summer!

Then I really was out of town and underwater for over a week. Before we left, one of our three hens laid an egg!

Oh gosh, I love Bonaire! This is the view from the dock. Do you see where the water gets darker just past the boats? That's the coral reef! It goes down to about 150'!!!

Oh, and there are wild iguanas everywhere.

If you want to see underwater footage, here is a video Eliott (one of my friends/dive buddies/roomies in Bonaire) compiled with the best of his GoPro footage from the week. The boyfriend and I were the lighting technicians for the octopus footage! This video also has footage of my favorite fish ever, the honeycomb cowfish. It changes color!

If you don't want to watch all of that, and/or want to see more octopus footage and also a slipper lobster (that I spotted!) that didn't make it into that first video, check this one out.

The chickens seemed pretty happy that we were back stateside.

So much so that they even helped me with some hand sewing.

Especially Eglentine. She was all about it and hopped up in my lap in an attempt to help tackle dog-ears.
Eggie Sews

Then they just wanted to sneak inside and/or wander away.

Oh! Our tomato plants are kicking ass! Clockwise from top left, Red Phoenix, Juliet, Sweet 100, Black Cherry.

Then I made some taco salads to deal with the random leftovers that I found in the fridge upon arrival. All of the tomatoes went into this.

Now that the boyfriend is working 16 hour days, I'm trying to keep him eating well. Dang engineers. Left to his own devices he would live on ramen and cheese. Luckily the pork tenderloin, Greek potatoes, and roasted veggies convinced him to eat real food.Untitled

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