12 August 2014

Sewing Before Writing

I am so excited to have my sewing machine back and am absolutely dreading teaching this fall semester that I have been getting a lot of sewing done (and not much blogging)! First off we have a quilt my mom commissioned me to make for her cousin who is getting married. I tried to be good and use some stuff from my stash, hence the background changes. Oh well. I have until September to finish this one.

I have also started making food to freeze so I have tasty things to eat when I am too busy teaching to cook. First off, homemade pita bread using 1/3 whole wheat flour. Yum!
Homemade pita bread!

Then some steak fingers with roasted veggies, mashed potatoes, and red cabbage coleslaw.
Steak fingers, cole slaw, veggies, and mashed potatoes.

Oh yeah, back to sewing. Here is a sashiko panel I stitched up. I'm working on adding some super secret applique.

I also started working on some Moda Friendship Sampler blocks. I am going to try my best to provide links to patterns and color codes for the fabric I use. Eventually there will be 20 blocks made (of the available 31 patterns), but they are not going to be made in numerical order. I am making them as my LQS has the Bella solids I want to use.
Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 2: Daffodil (Bella 9900 250) and Clementine (Bella 9900 209)

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 6: Cobalt (Bella 9900 227) and Kiwi (Bella 9900 189).

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 8: Peacock (Bella 9900 216) and Amelia Pink (Bella 9900 166)

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 12: Daffodil (Bella 9900 250) and Grey (Bella 9900 83)

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 24Kiwi (Bella 9900 189) and Aqua (Bella 9900 34).

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 25: Bright Turquoise (Bella 9900 226) and Grey (Bella 9900 83).

Moda Friendship Sampler Blocks
Block 29: Fuchsia (Bella 9900 190) and Grey (Bella 9900 83).

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