16 October 2014

Big and Little Finishes

First off, I finished the quilt for my college roommate and her boyfriend! Woot! They just bought their first house together. You might not be able to tell, but the binding alternates between the dark turquoise and black fabrics. The background is actually made up of 4 different neutrals (hence the random bright square that I love!) because I mostly worked from my stash.

This is their band! Katie is the bass player (right) and her boyfriend is on guitar (left).

I also finished up a mini quilt inspired by Fibonacci's number/golden spiral. I made this for my former teacher and professor. I did FMQ in matching thread for each square, then hand stitched the black spiral in perle cotton.
Fibonacci mini quilt

When she did her student teaching, I was one of her first grade students. Then she was my math teacher in fourth grade. Years later, she was my professor when I was in graduate school. I guess you could say I will be her student for life! This was my first time to make a real, stitched label for a quilt. Please don't laugh at my horrible stitching.
Label for Fibonacci mini quilt. I'm not the tidiest of stitchers.

If I am in my sewing room working, and Luna [Devourer of Worlds] aka our bunny is free, I have the door closed so she can't escape the sewing room. It occurred to me the other day that this meant my water glass was stuck in another room because there are no coasters in my sewing room. Most people would just grab a coaster from the other room, but not me. No. I set out to make myself a coaster that would match my room, and here it is! I found the paper pieced pattern over here and reduced it to make it into a 4" finished block.
Little coaster

This week I also received the first of four quilts from my aunt. They were pieced by her grandmother, but never finished. The other three are finished fronts, but this one isn't altogether yet. All the blocks are hand stitched, and about 3/4 of the rows are assembled and stitched together. The rest are either individual blocks or rows that need to be attached. I have never done any hand stitching, so the poor quilt is going to have to deal with some machine stitching.
Inherited quilt project

I leave you with Luna helping out in the sewing room.

She was licking the back of the Fibonacci mini and biting off (chewing on?) loose threads. I'm not sure the licking was actually helpful, but the thread snipping definitely saved me some time!

Thanks, Luna!

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  1. oh wow, your quilts are just gorgeous! I love the mini coaster too, that's some tiny paper piecing. Give Luna a big snuggle from me, she's lovely! One of my buns is an albino too and it always amazes me how clean and white her fur is, even after she's been playing in the mud.