08 October 2014


I have been busy: Busy teaching, busy sewing, busy cooking, busy bunny wrangling, busy getting engaged, busy traveling (went to Germany for Oktoberfest with my boyfriend fiance), busy writing my first pattern! Eeeeeeeek!!! So many exciting things!

This is the quilt I'm writing a pattern for. I'm hoping to have it for sale online in the next week. It is all paper pieced, which gives you the really sharp tree points.
Sneak peak!
Sneak peak!

Sneak peak!

I have been working on a quilt that requires lots of tiny stars.
Teeniest paper piecing I have ever attempted

Most are Lemoyne stars, one is paper pieced.
So many teeny tiny stars

I finished making all the blocks for the quilt I started planning over here.
The blocks are ready to go

The rest of the blocks

And I picked a layout for them and have them stitched into rows,
Blocks in place and ready to be sewn into rows!

I picked more fabric for my Sew Sew Modern swap.
Partner, I pulled some linens, shot cottons, and solids. How is this? Would you eliminate or add certain colors?

As for cooking, here are some rolls from scratch filled with elk sausage and onions sauteed in beer.
Elk sausage with caramelized onions on homemade rolls

Then we have cous cous with Brussels sprouts.
Cous cous and sauteed Brussels sprouts

And a bunny who was very sad that I was cooking the Brussels sprouts and not just feeding them to her. She was so mad that she went to eat my plants.
Luna Bunny nomming all the things

She also discovered the window in the back door!
Luna Bunny peaking in the back door!


  1. Congrats on the engagement! I'm loving your colourful triangle/stripe/parallelogram quilt of beautifulness - it's awesome!