30 October 2016

Honey Hill Block


I know, I never blog anymore. This really does not even count as a blog post as it is just a way to convey information to my fellow Honey Hill Pinheads about a bee.

So, for my block month, I am going to give two options.

Basically, I made this bunny quilt to donate to the rescue organization I adopted my bunnies through.

The woman who adopted my foster bunny requested one in a larger size, so to scale it up, I am going to put borders of X-Plus blocks on the right and left, and Kaleidoscope blocks on the top and bottom. Since some people seemed new to paper piecing, I figured giving one paper pieced option and one non-paper pieced would be prudent. Here are all the specifics for what I would like.

X-Plus blocks (aka the traditionally pieced block) 

  • The tutorial can be found here: http://badskirt.blogspot.com/2011/04/japanese-x-and-scrappy-quilt-tutorial.html
  • For the focal fabric, please use differing shades of blues and greens. Feel free to swap the placements from the little diagram I included. It can be scrappy, or not. Whichever you feel more comfortable with. I would prefer not too many solids. 
  • For the background (I marked these with tan in the diagram), please use some kind of low volume cream/tan.
  • Please use red and white/low volumes
Kaleidoscope (aka the paper pieced pattern)
  • The tutorial is found here (link to printable template is on the top right of the tutorial page): http://www.quilterscache.com/K/KaleidoscopeBlock.html
  • Please use a combo of either light blue/dark green or light green/dark blue for each individual block. 
  • Please use red and white/low volume
  • The tutorial says that it makes a 12" block, but really, each little kaleidoscope block is 6.5" when unfinished. I do not expect you to make 4, but if you want to make more than one, go for it! So if you only want to make one, only print one copy of the template. 
  • If you do make more than one little block, please do not yet sew them together. I will work on placement based on colors. 
  • Please make sure the template is actually printing out at the correct size. 
  • No need to trim the final block down, that way if some did print a bit off, I can size them. 

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