09 September 2017

Bunny Quilt, Two Ways

Over the summer, my sister in law and I decided to work together on a quilt for our friends who were having a baby. This incredible R2D2 quilt was the result of that collaboration. It was the first time either of us had used the pre-printed interfacing grid and we were both shocked at how quickly it seemed to go together. 

While visiting my husband's family over the summer, I made a stop by Sew Special Quilts in San Antonio and was buying more of the grid interfacing. They asked me what I used it for, and as luck would have it, R2D2 was in my car as he was getting delivered that evening. They hired me on-the-spot to teach a class on the grid interfacing technique. Ps: Link to the class info is over here. This is the little table topper sample I made for the class out of two mini charm packs in Moda's Fragile. 

Then I might have lost my mind a little. I love science and data, but it went a little extreme. I decided I needed a BIG sample to show the students. And I also thought it would be helpful to have a comparison quilt. Armed with my love of bunnies and a pattern from YouPatch, I dove right in. This first quilt is the traditionally pieced version.

And this is the version pieced with the pre-printed grid interfacing (sooo many seam lines).

Now I had to compare the two. After endeavoring to finish them exactly the same: same batting, same backing [only in different colorways], same binding [differing solid colors], both all in the same brands of solids, and quilted with the same brand/weight of thread in as close to the same places as I could manage, differences emerged. Here is a compilation of the differences I observed both throughout the construction process and after finishing. 

So basically, they are both great techniques, and like everything in life, they both have their own quirks and problems. I am not willing to say that one technique is better than the other, because it simply depends on what you are looking for, and what your preferences are. If you have any questions or need any clarification, feel free to shoot me a comment here or over on my IG (@opal.august). 

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