20 February 2013

Corpus Christi Quilt Show Feb. 2013

I hate to say it but I am generally underwhelmed at local quilt shows because there is hardly anything modern. Plus Civil War quilts and overly appliqued monstrosities get boring after the 57billionth one in a row. This might explain why I have not joined a local guild yet. But, I still went to the quilt show last weekend and took a few photos. So, none of these are my quilts. These were all in the show. I have no idea who made them.

 These first two photos show the same quilt, just one overall, one closeup. The quilting was neato with the shell and dolphins. I wouldn't do it, but I was impressed.

 Escaping blocks! Ahh!

This quilt was composed of teeny tiny flying geese! That is a totally normal pen for scale.

 The description this person put was hilarious. It said something along the lines of: I was going to use 1" squares, but someone told me they were so last year, so I did 1/2" squares.

Bunnies... Riding things? Ooookay.

Woo, star surrounded by pinwheels. Me likey.

This tree was pretty cool and it doesn't look too tremendously challenging either. Score.

This is actually a quilt, not stained glass. WHAT?

Then we jump to the obligatory Texas section, since this is Texas, y'all. Do other states have themed quilts or are we the only ones?

 Remember the Alamo.

 Most effecting use of pebble quilting everrrrr. Closeup of the Alamo.

I included the longhorn quilt because it is adorable. For the record, I'm an Aggie. Gig'em, and all that jazz. 

And then we have this pleasant little Texas landscape quilt. 

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