13 February 2013


This is going to be a very quick post because I got so carried away writing this tutorial for a passport cover that I forgot to write my WIP Wednesday entry for the week and it is already 11:44pm. Uhhoh!

First off, the passport cover and the tutorial for it (^see up there for linky^) can safely be crossed off my WIP list. After researching patterns and tutorials for waaaay too long, I decided to make my own since not one that fit my needs seemed to exist. Every passport cover pattern I found had space for at least 2 passports, but most were designed to fit all of the passports for a family with kids. I am a single traveler with no kids, so a passport cover that fits 6 passports seems fairly impractical, dontchathink? So I made up a pattern. Woo.

This second picture was included simply to show off the best pages in my passport with stamps from Japan, France, & Bonaire, oh my!

 I also made up another of the cathedral window pincushions for a friend who loved the one I made for myself. Now about 4 other people want pincushions, so I have an excuse to make more! Yay!

Then my friend/scuba dive buddy/yoga instructor (wow, she sure is a lot of things to me!) asked if I could make this into throw pillow size. So I did some research and found nothing! All cathedral window pillows I found were made of a bunch of tiny ones. I took this as a personal challenge and came up with a 15" block in the same format as the pincushions. The pillow still needs to be assembled, so come back next week for pictures.

This week I also found something tremendously exciting... My broccoli plants are producing a head of broccoli!! Take that, cabbage worms! Once it gets a little bigger, it will be removed which should trigger the plant to start making full-sized heads of broccoli! I'm a broccoli farmer!! Spweee!

I also decided to use the circle of flying geese paper pieced block for my 3x6 block of this quarter. I am in the pinwheel hive, and although it isn't exactly a pinwheel, it does have pinwheelesque characteristics that make it work. I even finished two out of six blocks already and the quarter just started last week!

And last but definitely not least, I convinced myself to suck it up and pick color placements for the quilt I'm making for my boyfriend. He picked the pattern and a good amount of the fabric (green is his favorite color) but I just could not decide where to put all the fabrics. Somehow over the past few days I got all of the fabric cut for the main panel of the quilt and was able to piece it all up last night and today.  First we have the overall main chunk that just needs borders (right now it is only 50" x 50"). Ack. The border fabric. I bought too many options and now I can't decide what to use.

Then a close-up shot to show the fabric selections. He picked a good amount of the fabric, so I can't take credit for all of it. But gosh, it just all works so well together that I wish I could! ;-)

This was my first time using the design wall I made a few weeks ago, and it was so incredible! I could lay out all of the strips and even caught a few mistakes before the rows were all joined. You know, when it isn't an absolute nightmare to rip everything apart.  What a time saver!

Here is a horrible picture of my design wall in action as it saved the day and helped me to spot 2 pieces that were somehow cut 1/2" off, even though I cut them in stacks of 4. Go figure. FYI: This picture was taken at night, so please forgive the terrible lighting.

Anyways, aside from writing exam 1 for my classes and grading papers, that is everything I have been working on this week. How about you? Anything exciting? Funny how this ended up not being a short entry at all.


  1. Love those flying geese! One day, one day I will try them :)

  2. Wow you did a lot of things this week! That's super productivity :) I love the flying geese blocks as well, they look fantastic together!

  3. I really like the Circle of Flying Geese! Cool pattern.

  4. Orange slices fabric! I love those! Which fabric is that? Geese look great and congrats to you and your broccoli.

  5. I love your orange and purple flying geese. Looks scary! someday I'll try it.

  6. Love your pinwheel blocks, beautiful!

  7. Visiting from freshly pieces. WIP wednesday. you certainly have a lot on the go!!