27 February 2013

Not Much Progress

I have been staying up late every night sewing away, but I really have nothing to show for it. Okay, well, nothing might be a bit extreme.

I have been working on the eye quilt. I actually successfully pieced my first curves!! The black eyeliner is pieced onto the white of the eye, while everything else is just appliquéd. Interestingly enough, my computer just added the accent mark for me on "appliquéd" and now I feel incredibly fancy.

I am quilting in the eyelashes. The plan was to hand stitch them in using a chain stitch, but the linen was not cooperating with the embroidery thread. Wow, this linen needs to be ironed like crazy!

I actually finished more of the quilting during a crazy Downton Abbey marathon going on at my house but there is no decent light for a photo-op at night. How had I gone this long without seeing this show?? Oh, yeah, I don't have a TV. Thanks to Netflix, a free trial of Hulu Plus, and PBS, I should be caught up by the weekend. 

I also whipped up a green headband and a sash for St. Patrick's day. My friends are celebrating a bit early, this Friday to be exact, because one of our companions is a fire fighter and he is off this weekend. The dress I am planning on wearing is blue with teeny green flowers, so I thought a little bit more green in the form of a sash would help avoid pinching.

Here is a photo of me modeling the headband. It might be a tad too wide, but that is okay. I used an old drawstring from a hoodie to make the tie strings. Side note, I love wearing green because it makes my eyes look green. Yay for magic color change eyes! So yeah, this is me...


  1. I just love your eye quilt!
    And you are so lucky you can wear green, it makes so many of us look like we died and they forgot to bury us!
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. The piecing in your eye is amazing! Visiting from WIP Wednesday. Have a great day.