27 March 2013

Better late than...


Pregnant? (As Blanche Deveroux from Golden Girls would say)

While both are important, this particular post will focus on the only relevant topic: Better late than never.

I am incredibly late for WIP Wednesday. Wait. It is only Wednesday. I'm not actually late. Woohoo! I just feel so rushed this week.

The only non-new project I worked on this week was sewing space/bedroom (same room, people!) organization. It is still incredibly cluttered, but it is starting to feel more usable. On the cube shelf to the left of the photo I have my yardages of fabric folded into tiny bolts so that they are easily accessible. In the plastic drawers under the concrete skull, I have fat quarter storage. (See this post for more info on the amazing and perfectly sized drawers!) They fit perfectly in these drawers! Finally in the lime green Ikea drawers, I have notions, interfacing, giant yardages for backing, tops, blocks, more fat quarters, BOMs I am horribly behind on, and yarn.

Aside from the colossal and seemingly endless monster that is organization, I really only worked on new projects this week. I finished the March block for Color Bee Shocked. Mallory wanted different stars (unfinished @ 8.5"). I used the galaxy star paper pieced pattern by Moira McSpadden.

I also made two commissioned pouches for a coworker. The first one is a pencil pouch and the second one is a big carry-all bag for her GoPro and GoPro accessories.

As far as new projects go, I started working on the front and back for a pillowcase I am making. One side will be in cool colors, one side will be in warm colors.

The cool color side is nearly done!

I also started working on something secret. They looked so cute and garlandy after chain piecing that I had to snap a photo!

What could it be?! Oh, alright, I'll tell! It's a Dresden plate! Well, half of one. This is my first time playing with them and I am loving it! Sometimes handwork makes me very happy. :) As for what I'm using these for, you will have to stay tuned.

I am leaving you with an adorable picture I took at my favorite German restaurant. They drew my mustard into hearts! Aww!


  1. Love the colorful rainbow-ness you have going on!! The bunting turned dresden is very fun ;)

  2. Fabulous use of colours. I love the rainbow dresden plate. Amazing stuff.

  3. Wow you have a lot going on! Love it all!
    ( stupid tablet computer won't let me sign this comment with my wordpress account)

  4. Oh Dresden color wheel! Love! Mustard harts! Awwww! Two sided quilt! Why didn't I think of that! Brilliant!

  5. That colorful dresden is delightful! Congrats on organizing - it takes forever, but totally pays off when you are done!

  6. Fab organising! And I love your colourful sewing, especially the dresden :)

  7. I love your pillow cases, especially the warm/cool color separation!