13 March 2013

Week of Pouches + Quilt Finish

As the title of this blog would suggest, I finished a lot of pouches this week. Well, that and a quilt. I will start with the quilt.

This is the quilt I made for my friend Connie. She recently moved to Tennessee in order to help take care of her sick parents. She is a total badass. I generally make quilts for people when they get married, have a baby, or buy a house. Connie has already been married multiple times and is never doing that again, has no children and is already 40 something, and has no interest in home ownership. So I made her a "you are a total badass, I love you, and I wish you weren't moving away" quilt. I outsourced some of the blocks and had the wonderful women of Color Bee Shocked make some (about half) and I made the rest. FYI: Connie's favorite color is blue.

And since she and I met through scuba diving and she has worked at aquariums, zoos, and Sea World, I decided this would be the most appropriate backing fabric of all time.

On an unrelated note, I was able to eat the first strawberry from my garden this week. Unfortunately my chickens have now broken into the garden and eaten the rest of them. How sad.

Another highly appropriate title for this blog would be something about my blue phase, because I am obviously going through one, as you are about to see.

I had been itching to try my teeny tiny pinwheel tool, and decided to give it a try while also utilizing a zipper in order to improve on that skill. The main fabric for this pouch is linen, which really gives a nice texture.

Then my mom asked if I could make her a case for her Kobo (e-reader from the late Borders). Based on the measurements, I whipped this up. Unfortunately, it only fit a Kobo not wearing a silicone skin, which hers does. So this first one will be for sale in my etsy store eventually.

Then I adjusted the measurements, and came up with the perfect case that fits her skin wearing Kobo perfectly. Yay!

Lastly, I also made myself a coin purse that will double as a loyalty ticket holster. This project was inspired by Sunday lunch with my boyfriend. We went to pay and needed a nickel. I knew I had at least one nickel, but it was nearly impossible to find in my purse with the lining that eats everything. It was that moment when I decided to slowly eradicate anything fabricy that is not made by me! Woohoo. Anyways, here is my new change purse.

Methinks I might be addicted to the little pinwheel tool! It just makes perfect pinwheels so incredibly easy. It actually feels a bit wrong. Then I finish a project in one night and that shame goes right out the window.

Also, the lighting in that picture makes the colors look wrong. The purple is actually a nice, fun purple like this:

...But you would never know it is purple by looking at the photo, would you? Oh well.

Ooo! Today I finally received my fabric kit for the Echinops and Aster Honeycomb Pillow QAL. I am fairly excited to start stitching and get caught up.

Unfortunately, I made no more progress on anything else. But I finished things, so yay! It is spring break which means I feel okay not getting much of anything done, as long as I don't have to talk to any students. ;)


  1. Love the little pouches! Too adorable. And the quilt for your friend is amazing. The backing is such fun and so clearly, awesomely personal. Shame you'll be far away from each other but she'll surely be reminded of you every day. :)

  2. Those pouches are seriously cute! I'm thinking I need to make a pretty case for my Kindle... It lives in a boring black one currently. The X and + quilt is fantastic! It is sad when friends move away, but at least she'll have the quilt with her to remind her of her great friend :)

  3. I love that first pouch with the blue, green, and yellow bitty pinwheels. It must be hard to work with fabric pieces that small!

  4. I love the quilt for your friend, and I love the idea of a "you're a badass" quilt! You accomplished a lot more on your spring break than I did on mine!!

  5. I am jealous - strawberries and chickens! Sorry they ate your strawberries. I so wish we could have some chickens, but not right now maybe in the future. Your friend is going to love the quilt!!!

  6. Love the X and + quilt in the blues - it made me think of the ocean right away!