20 March 2013

Farewell, Spring Break

Spring Break has officially ended. Truth be told, it ended yesterday, but I was [am?] still in denial. Luckily my students are now well rested and are being cooperative and dare I say it, pleasant. *Gasp!*

I barely made any progress on anything over the week for I was too busy trying to avoid doing anything. Plus, I was out of town for the last three days of the week.

Speaking of out of town time, here are two photos that show the hilarious distortion that can happen when using a GoPro. Both of these pictures are taken on the same camera, with the same settings, and of the same building (just from different sides and at different distances) but one has major fish eye and one is normal. I'm sure the distance is what makes the difference. I'm so thrilled this fish-eye effect doesn't effect underwater photos. The pictured building is the public library of Fredericksburg, Texas.

Ahh, back to crafting. The only things I did manage to work on were little. Mostly because all of the quilts I am making have no deadlines since they are just for funsies.

Here is what I have done so far on the Honeycomb Stitch Along. The hexies have been appliqued down, which is very exciting for me. Actually since this photo was taken, I have finished the embroidered honey bees, but all of the natural light is gone so no photos of that can be provided.

The final project I accomplished was the completion of a grocery bag pattern I had been meaning to try. The pattern is by Michelle Patterns and can be found here.

I had a dream last night that the plastic bag ban had passed here instead of Austin (fingers crossed it will pass here in a few years!) and woke up thinking holy shit, I gotta make some bags! To try out this pattern, I made two matching bags, one for myself, and one for my bff. Background story on the fabric selection: neither my bff nor I eat shellfish (she has religious reasons, I'm just allergic). Somehow though we have this inside joke about the "celebratory lobster." Way back in high school, her mom bought us a life sized plastic lobster from the dollar store and from then on we would pass it back and forth whenever one of us accomplished something awesome. Then it branched out into lobster cookie cutters, and anything lobster themed we could get our hands on.

Imagine my surprise when I found lobster fabric at a quilt store while visiting Denver, Colorado last year! Spweee! I had been holding onto it, knowing whatever project it was used in had to be matching for the two of us. Then I decided grocery bags would be the most appropriate.

So here is the one for her with a browny tan/red flowery handles and lining.

And here is the one for me with blue and white damask handles and lining.

Yay! Hers is going to be a birthday present. Nothing calls for a celebratory lobster like a birthday! ;)


  1. I just joined that honeycomb project ! A month late ! : ) Just ran to the store and got fabric yesterday :)

  2. Your hexi honeycomb block is wonderful. Just done my first lot of hexies and do not know what to do with them. You have inspired me.

  3. Very cute hexie project! I love the colors.

  4. Love the hexies and the colour choices too :)

  5. The hexi honeycomb looks great! I love that fabric line.

  6. Wow, you a very creative, is a great work, congratulations. Kisses from Spain.