17 May 2013

Flags for Boston

I decided to make some flags for the To Boston With Love quilty flag project. They are asking for bright and cheery flags that embody love and peace. The flags are actually going to be displayed in Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

I made a total of six flags, and they all have special meaning to me, which I am thinking is one of the points of this project. If you made one or more flags, I find it nearly impossible that you would be making them with absolutely no love in your heart.

The two peace signs represent the peace I am trying to send to Boston, and the peace we are all able to learn from the people of Boston as they grieve, cope, and live. The pattern for these cute hexagonal peace signs comes from Berene at Happy Sew Lucky and can be found over here. Side note: I paper pieced the inside of the peace sign in the hope that it would come out tidier.

Then I made an appliqued heart for every person I have known and loved that had ever lived in Boston. These first two are for my mom and my cousin Julia. They both attended Wellesley College, which is just outside of Boston. My mom wanted me to make it known to everyone that the blue one is for her.

These last two are for a friend from college and a very close family friend. The family friend (I have known her since she was a wee little kiddo) lives in Boston now, and it was difficult to know she was there by herself during all of this. But she is a tough little cookie.

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