02 May 2013

HS: Home Sick or Hand Stitching?

I am fairly certain I have contracted the bubonic plague.

That means I have spent nearly all of the past two days snoozing on the couch. For an insomniac, being able to actually sleep is already impressive enough, but sleeping during the day AND night illustrates how sick I truly am. 

In between naps I have been doing some hand stitching. This is what will be the front of the pouch I am making for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap. 

Here is a reverse shot showing the hand stitching and thread colors! 

The back of the pouch is going to be the green version of the woven fabric panel I made in this tutorial over here.

I also managed to start this ridiculous bit of applique for myself. Apparently this is what a fever does to my brain. The fabric styles are so random, which makes me like it more. This version where it is now is definitely underwhelming, don't you think? 

My TA Josh suggested more flowers to add depth. So I cut out more wildflowers and am playing around with this now. I will need fusible web for these additional flower bits because my machine applique is not too great yet. It still feels like something is missing, though. Any suggestions??

Well, I'm off to go back to sleep. Maybe I won't get banished from work tomorrow. Or maybe I will and I can fit in more napping and sewing.

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