01 May 2013

Three Jobs?!

I officially have three jobs again. Which means this is going to be a short post (I always say that...). So now I can say that I am an adjunct professor, a scuba shop employee/dive leader, and the newest addition to the list is swim teacher. I am teaching Baby & Me swim classes, which is terrifying! Anyways, on to crafting!

I finished potholders for a former professor/mentor of mine who is now a friend.

Then there was the craft sale. Here are a few photos of my booth. I didn't sell too much, but it was fun! I ended up finishing 20 grocery bags, 10 purses, 5 zipper pouches, and like 10 potholders. Plus all the other stuff I had been selling for a while.

I also finished the potholders for Potholder Pass! These bad boys are already in the mail.

Here are close-ups of the stitching:

Then I finished the April block for Get Your Hex On.

I had some luck in the garden and was able to eat snacks from my tomato plants this morning. Spweee! I even setup a bunch of tubs and trash cans since it rained for the first time in a year.

Aaaand, I finished the April block for newBEES.

I also worked on a washi dress and stuff for Pretty Little Pouch Swap, but neither of those are ready to share! Woot! I'm off to bed. What have you been working on?


  1. My goodness, Sabrina! You sure are a busy gal! I love the hand stitching on your potholders and the colours in your April blocks are awesome!

  2. Beautiful stitching on the potholder! A shame to use them. And if you are bored one day, how about a post on how to be superwoman? A lot of interested women interested here! :-)

  3. You have been so busy! I love the potholders you made your professor :)

  4. Good Grief - when do you sleep!!! Your tables were cute though. I'm sorry to hear you didnt have a ton of sales, but networking is always always a good thing! Such lovely work!

  5. Busy busy! I lovvvvvvvvve the first set of potholders. Brilliant.

  6. Love the dresden pot holders, so great!

  7. I love the pot holders, especially the one that looks like notebook paper!

  8. Your potholders are too nice to use in the kitchen! I'd be afraid of getting them dirty. :)