19 October 2013

Guessing Games

I am generally excited by guessing games. In its most simplistic form, the scientific method is just a guessing game, albeit an educated guessing game, but a guessing game, no less. So the problem plaguing my crafty existence deals with the EPP 3" half hexie pinwheels I have been sewing for my 30's repro quilt. Twenty two of them are already finished (and there was much rejoicing.. yaaay).

22 x 3" Half Hexie pinwheels done!

The problem is: How many of these stinking things am I going to have to make before the quilt is an acceptable size for an adult to use? You see, I have absolutely no idea (hence the 'guessing game' intro) but I have fabric cut for 33 more. Hopefully that will at least get me close. All that is know is that I need to put on my big girl panties and head down/power though some half hexies. I mean, I could plot it out and know for sure, but then it wouldn't be a guess.

I also started working on a little something for a local quilt show. I have never entered anything into a quilt show before so I am nervous. The entry form says that I need to have a 4" hanging sleeve on the back of the quilt. Does that mean a 4" wide strip folded in half lengthwise for a 2" wide pocket or an 8" wide strip folded in half to make a 4" wide pocket?

I'm going to be purposefully sneaky for now and only show you teaser photos. This first photo shows 48 identical blocks that are missing one more piece. I still need to make 32 more. Sheesh!

Also, I am ridiculously amazed at how well those 4 seams met up. All 48 blocks look that tidy! I did modify the pattern a tad to eliminate a few extra seams. I hate superfluous seams. The original block pattern had the green triangle as a HST that was then sewn to a grey square and then sewn to the strip between that and the yellow triangle. No thanks. I would much rather get rid of all those failure points and bulk, because really, that's what seams are to me... Places to mess up. Here is a close up of the tidyness that is this block.

I just noticed one more seam that could be eliminated when I make 32 more of these. The strip to the right of the pink HST could easily be one continuous strip! Spwee!

Now on to cooking! My boyfriend's family was in town last weekend which meant he and I spent a good amount of time cooking. I had no idea what to do for breakfast on Sunday, so I went a recipe I have been tweaking: Lemon Poppyseed French Toast. The recipe might finally be perfected which means it could soon be unveiled. I leave you with a picture of it. Omnomnom.
Lemon poppyseed French toast!


  1. hmmm. Good question. I think 4" means open space, so 8" folded into 4". Of course, I've actually entered one myself that didn't use corner hangers so I don't know! I'm sure someone will come along that does. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. I have a general idea about how many EPP blocks I need, but it's still somewhat of a guessing game for me, too. I suppose I'll just keep going until I'm sick of it.
    Good luck at the quilt show and congratulations on those seams already!

  3. What does a half hexie pinwheel look like? I just can't picture it.