22 October 2013

Quilting and Weird Al

Last week I shared some teaser photos of blocks in progress for a quilt I was working on. I managed to finish all 20 of the complete blocks! These blocks come out to a behemoth 17" on each side! Daaang. So I decided to use 4x5 blocks to make a quilt big enough for me to snuggle under. This incredible block is by Bijou Lovely and can he found here (though I changed it a little to avoid extra seams).
Finished all 20 Kaleidoscope quilt blocks!

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went to San Antonio to see his friends and family, but mostly to see Weird Al in concert!! Needless to say, I got absolutely no sewing done over the whole weekend. Oh well, it was super fun but waaay too loud. It reminded me of why I stopped going to concerts. Next time I need ear plugs.
Weird Al concert!

Right before I left town, I was able to finish assembling the front of the quilt, and I even picked out backing. On Sunday after we got back to town, I was able to finish up the basting.
Quilt top done and getting basted.

I even filled some bobbins with the gorgeous grey I'm using for quilting.
Some bobbins ready to go!

Then I decided to quilt something else completely. This is the border for the mug rug I'm making for The Mug Rug Revival. This was my first try at pebble FMQ. It doesn't all look this nice, but it's a start!
My first try at pebble quilting.

Then I had to remind myself that this quilt has a deadline. If I want to enter it into the local show, I need to have it done by November 7th. Ahhh!! Luckily this photo was taken after about half the quilting was done.
About half the quilting is done... Not that you can see it.

 I initially planned to do organic diagonal lines, but it just didn't come out the way I wanted, so that all got ripped out. I opted for a stipple instead since this is what I'm a little more comfortable with.
Close up quilting shot

FMQing a giant 68" x 85" quilt on a regular sewing machine is difficult. My wrists hurt and it is only half done! It will be so worth it when the quilt is done! I have no idea if it will be done this week, because midterm grades are due on Friday so I have tons and tons of grading ahead of me!


  1. I love that bright quilt! Did you have a pattern for the block or did you just make it up?

  2. I am in love with your quilt, it is so bright! What a great use of solids. The way that pattern fits together is crazy awesome, did you make it up? Can't wait to see it quilted up! I'm your neighbor to the north in Austin. :) What show are you entering it in?

  3. Poor wrists! That is one huge quilt. Good luck with the deadline.

  4. Wow, your quilt is lovely and I can imagine it would definitely need breaks in quilting. Do you have any quilting gloves? I think your wrists would still hurt, but maybe they would help a little.

  5. I'm loving the solids quilt, and really like the pebble quilting in the sneak peek photo. I agree about the gloves. It helps. My shoulder kills me, and I make oopsies when I get sore like that. Even on my midarm it still gets sore after a few hours. Good luck on the finish!

  6. What a lovely block pattern :). Your quilt is lovely in solids :). No advice here as I haven't tried FMQ. One day :). Good luck with the rest of the quilt :).

    Jenn from Mellycoddle :).

  7. The quilt is looking great, I love the use of solids only.

  8. What a fun quilt! Great colors together. Last time I went to a concert I wished for ear plugs too, that was like...5 years ago? I'm not much of a concert person I guess, but I bet seeing Weird Al was fun!

  9. I love this! Especially with all the blocks together!