10 October 2013

Scrumptious Jumping Jacks: Part One

I caught up on grading and decided to take on a sample quilt for my LQS. My interest in this sample was high because it was using Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille and the colors in this line made me so happy!

Taking on this project was a big decision because the owner usually lets me take up to a few weeks to finish a front if I need it, but this particular quilt was to be done on a deadline. It had to be DONE as in the front finished, back to her husband for quilting which could take a few days, back to me for binding and back to hang in the store within 10 days. This could have gone so wrong since I am teaching 7 classes at the university this semester. But I looked at the pattern before accepting and decided it would go together quickly.

Ooo! I had no idea just how easy it would be! Let's just say, the front is already done and I have only had the fabric for 27 hours. Yay for quilts that use precuts! The book the pattern is from (Quilt from Sweet Jane by Sue Pfau) is full of precut quilts that all look simple but adorable! This quilt followed the Jumping Jacks pattern and had options for either charm squares or layer cake squares. Starting with two charm packs (less cutting if you start with the 5" squares) my total time spent on the front of this quilt including cutting the background fabric came to just under four hours! Woot!

So here is the front of the quilt that is off to the quilters early! Stay tuned for photos after the quilting and binding. :)
Scrumptious jumping jacks


  1. Very pretty! And it sounds like it's a good go to pattern when you need a quick finish!

  2. Isn't a bit of white refreshing? Very pretty!

  3. So cute, I like your pattern, I still cannot decide what to do with my Scrumptious fabric!