01 June 2014

Eyeball: June LYoF

Before I knew much about quilting (like 4 years ago), I decided to make an eyeball quilt. I didn't know what paper piecing was. I didn't know how in the world to make a y-seam. I didn't know how applique worked. I had no idea to piece curves. I was also completely self taught. So deciding to make a curved eyeball with intricate piecing and y-seams was a totally realistic challenge. NOT!

What was I thinking??

Four years ago, this was the best I could come up with. I'm still amazed that I did the star without paper piecing! The middle is a little wonky because I didn't know how to stitch stuff together. Also the applique was grotesque.

About one year ago, I finally picked it back up. I un-appliqed the iris and did a much better job. I also picked this as my first try at piecing curves. So the whites of the eye are actually pieced to the black cat-eye makeup.
Pieced my first curves!

I also added some eyelash quilting to spruce it up. Then I got stuck AGAIN and let it sit.
Eyelash quilting on my eye quilt

I picked it up again in the beginning of this year and decided to add in half inch spaced straight line quilting on the background fabric.

Now I'm making it my April Lovely Year of Finishes goal to finally finish this! All that's left is to decide how to quilt the whites of the eye, then to do whatever that is and to bind it! This should be totally do-able. Right?

Wait a minute, if this was totally do-able, wouldn't it be done already?!


  1. This is Cool..Hopping over from LYOF goal setting, Please stop by my blog, I have a giveaway going on,

  2. It's totally doable! I just love the quilt and I am so impressed with your progress. Can't wait to see if finished!!

  3. Very cool! I love how you jumped right in and have come back to finish it up. Lovely!