07 August 2012

Better Block Pictures!

When I started this first month of bee blocks, I thought my stash was pretty diverse. I had these big hopes of being able to meet the color requests of every person in my hive by pulling from my stash (which is perfect because then I get to buy more fabric!). Unfortunately, I realized I stick to colors in my comfort zone and that there were some serious gaps.

Exhibit A: I owned absolutely no white fabric. It just scares me because I think it will look dirty and I make quilts in the hope that they will be loved to shreds.

So, off I ventured to my local quilt store and I came home with way too much fabric. I'm taking, 24 fat quarters too much. Ack! I only ended up using the white I bought and 2 fat quarters. Everything else did in fact come from my stash.

Moral of the story? I subconsciously underestimate my stash in order to convince myself that I need more fabric.

Admitting that I have a problem is the first step to recovery, right? ;)

Onwards and upwards! First off, here is a vastly improved shot of all the blocks together. Look! You can even tell that the whites of the backgrounds are made out of the the pretty new white I just bought yeterday! What a novel concept.

Next I will give a little recap of who the individual blocks were for, and what colors they requested so that I can maximize my bee-enthusiasm!

This one was my test block that I made in my colors. My colors being code for crappy scraps I found that had to get used.

Then we have the block for Laura. She requested rainbow colors, but not too bright. In my head, I kept thinking "muted rainbow" which seems to me like it would have a negative connotation. Why is that? Is muted a bad word when it comes to color? Whatever. I call this muted rainbow, and I hope she enjoys it!

Then we have the block for Jodie. She is making a baby quilt for her newest addition and requested blues and greens but preferably baby boy prints. I loved these trucks and thought any boy would be excited about them. Then the stars (asterisks?) were thrown in because I thought the colors go really well together!

Next up, we have the block for Alison. She requested blues, purples, and tans with a background in either white or any of the main colors. I love blues and purples together with tan, so I opted to use tan as the background instead of white. This block is pretty in-your-face, but I think she will like it!

Lastly, we have the block for Jan, our fearless leader for the month. Jan requested a block in blues and reds with a white background. Can I just say that I absolutely love all of the fabrics in this block. These were the only 2 reds I had in my stash that I didn't want to give up, but I decided this would be a good use for them. Plus, I still have oodles of each.

I hope all the women in my hive enjoy their blocks as much as I enjoyed making them! Now the only unresolved questions is why the heck did I finish these blocks so early in the month? Now I have to wait until September! Wahwahwahhh!


  1. Cute Bee blocks! I love how different they all look based on fabric choices.

    I think I have the opposite problem to you - I use white probably way too much in my makings! I have just discovered the joy that is grey though!

  2. nice job :) lauras would be my fav. love the thought process of each block. cheers

  3. Some great fabrics in there! Love the baby boy block :)

  4. I like that baby-boy block a lot...it's hard to make a boy block but that is perfect!

  5. You must have had a lot of fun creating the blocks if you finished early. Everyone seems to succumb to white eventually I think!

  6. Those colors were your "crappy scraps"? hehe :D I love that block best of all.

  7. LOL I subconsciously underestimate my stash so I can buy more fabric, I love this! Your blocks look fantastic! I like that design. :)

  8. Haha, I think I subconsciously underestimate too! Although I recently tidied up and discovered I am lacking blues, so I can justify buying them if I find some ;) I love the baby boy block!