08 August 2012


Please! If you are a quilter and reading this, I need your advice!!! I am trying to decide what kind of quilt to make for two friends of mine that are getting married in October. The groom-to-be said "if they aren't squares, it isn't a quilt" and the bride-to-be likes a more modern style. Any ideas/suggestions/advice/tips/tutorials??

Tomorrow I am going to be spending a lot of time at the post office, I can just feel it! Well actually, I will be spending a lot of time eating brunch and catching up with a friend, then I will be making mozzarella, mango jam, and hopefully compiling a legitimate WIP Wednesday entry since the bee block entry feels kind of like a scam.

What all are you mailing, Sabrina? ...You might be asking yourself. Well, let me tell you! I finished packing up all of my August blocks to be sent out. I know, I know, I need to slow down, but this keeps me from working on any real projects, so yay!

I am also sending Postcrossing cards to people in Finland, Poland, Belarus, Canada, Germany, France, & Belgium. Hopefully I will also be sending out a little something to Dirk, one of my pen-pals who lives in Germany.

Is this not a beautiful sight??

I love sending mail!! Postcrossing makes me so dang happy! So do quilt bees!! Tomorrow will be very happy!

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