06 August 2012

Blocks and Hens

I find myself more and more only able to work on quilting projects at night. There is nothing wrong with that, except that when I finish something, I have no natural light to take a picture of it. That wouldn't be so bad if I had a decent camera to work with instead of depending on my cell phone which is on its last leg.

Oh well. So I try hard to be patient and wait until morning to take pictures of things, but tonight, I just could not resist because I finished my first ever quilt bee blocks! Now, bear in mind that my camera is a phone and that these really are not true-to-life color representations due to the whole taken at night with a crappy phone thing...

I found the pattern in a book I picked up from my local quilting shop. This one spoke to me because it looked complex but was actually simple with just HSTs and squares. 

You might remember that I am terrified of the fact that people will be seeing the backs of these blocks... hence the easy ist gut vibe.

Well, I am happy with them, overall. I will post closer/clearer/taken with natural light photos tomorrow.  If I am feeling brave, I might even post a picture or two of the backs! Gasp!!

This is absolutely unrelated to quilting, but two other hobbies of mine are gardening and chicken-taunting. I say chicken taunting instead of raising (which I did, from teeny tiny little chicks) because that is probably what they would say I do. I bring them snacks, then I yell at them for playing in plants they shouldn't play in, for pooping on my scuba gear, for trying to sneak into the house, and for pecking the feet of my dogs/me/mom/boyfriend/interlopers/etc.

Anyways, I have almost given up the "Stop playing in the [insert name of plant that I covet]" campaign. Mostly because I have a day job and their day job is apparently to be disobedient hens. 

That being said, I love them dearly. Here are a few snapshots of them playing in my garden. 


First they walk around the garden innocently enough, as if trying to say "Honest, Mom, we were just making sure your basil and cucumbers are growing." I like to think my chickens would be hooked on phonics and super-spellers.

Then, these silly birds think that a spirited game of hide and go seek will persuade me to stop yelling like a banshee. Well, they were right. They also lost... Horribly. Apparently, my chicken spotting abilities have really improved over the last year and a half. 

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