07 February 2014

Four Weeks

Woohooo! I only have 4 weeks left until Spring Break. Teaching this semester is going really well as I am lucky enough to have some amazing students, but I'm just sleepy.

I have managed to get some sewing done this week!

Here we have some FMQ on the houndstooth "quilt". I ran out of thread so this won't be touched again for a while. I'm still shooting for having this done in time for A Lovely Year of Finishes: February edition!

I also finished a purse! I followed this pattern.

Here is a fabric shot so you can see all the goodness! Cuckoo clocks, wood grain, sketch, and mustaches: Oh my!

Last weekend, the boyfriend and I whipped up some seared tuna with coconut rice and veggies and had plenty leftover for lunches.

Speaking of lunches, I made another silverware roll-up/mitered corner napkin since my teaching schedule keeps me out of the house during lunch and dinner. I love taking my lunch but I especially love having adorable napkins and silverware pouches to cheer me up.

As it turns out, blackberries were on sale so naturally I bought a bunch and made some jam. Three are plain blackberry, three are basil/blackberry that tastes like plain blackberry. Next time there will be more basil. In the left background of the photo you can see my sprout garden! Om nom nom, sprouts on EVERYTHING! For a few days we couldn't eat them fast enough to keep up with their growth.


  1. Love the fabrics you used for your purse. (we call them handbags in the UK :-) )

    1. Yes, shoulder bags and cross body bags are all lumped in with handbag.

  2. i love that bag!!! it is beautiful.....great fabrics too

  3. Your purse is gorgeous! What a great size and I love the fabrics!

  4. Yeay for Spring break:):):):) love your purse with all the super duper cute prints!

  5. Love the fabrics you chose for your bag. Those mustaches for the lining are too much!

  6. Love that mustache lining- too cute!