18 February 2014

Quilting and Chicks

I finished the quilting on the houndstooth "quilt" which means all I have to do is assemble the "quilt" into a cushion cover and it will be done in time! The easy way would be to staple the quilt to the bottom of a board and screw that into the chest. That is how the original cushion was attached. I want to actually make a pillow case for the foam. I'm thinking boxed corners. We'll see.

I also finished up the baby quilt for my BFF's new baby girl. I was working on another front because this one seemed too babyish, but I went with it. This front was originally made as a sort of challenge.

I used a stipple pattern for most of the quilt, since I'm still trying to master that technique. I couldn't resist throwing in a few FMQ hearts. I'm not sure how you are supposed to do this, but this seemed to work.

I also finished the Valentines gift for my boyfriend. We went to Great American Beer Festival in 2012 where he got this shirt. Sadly it ended up with a greasy stain that wouldn't go away. He loved the shirt but didn't want to wear it stained. So I made him a reusable tote bag out of it. The other fabric is all leftover from the quilt I made him last year.

Then we come to my most important WIP: Baby chicks! We received them from the hatchery at 3 days old. Cute little fluffballs! There are 15: I am keeping 2-3, my cousin is keeping 6-7, and we are selling the rest.
Three days old!

Here they are taking a nap at 4 days old.
Four days old--Everyone is napping!

At five days old, they were all starting to get big girl feathers.
Day 5- Starting to get big girl feathers!

At day 6, we gave them pine shavings to dig in and a big rock to play on.
Day 6- Enriched habitat with pine shavings to dig in and a rock to conquer!

At one week old, they are all starting to master perching!
One week old--They can perch!

I goofed and only took GoPro footage on day 8, so you have to settle for a shot of them today, at 9 days old. They are getting huge and very fast [as you can tell by the chick that is no more than a blur!].

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  1. Hey Hi! Returning your visit and first, I LOVE your zig zag hearts with the music note border....such a cute quilt! I've hatched chicks in the classroom before (I'm a second grade teacher) and the kids loved the whole life cycle process. They grow so fast! So glad ya stopped by! I added myself as a GFC follower...next time ya stop by, follow along...it's always fun meeting new blogging friends. Val from myplvl.blogspot.com