15 April 2014

Old & New

Minimal sewing has gone on this week because there has been such an insane amount of grading to do lately. Then on Friday I got an IUD put in so I spent all day in agony on the couch hugging my heating pad. Then on Sunday I came down with food poisoning or some kind of stomach virus which I am STILL trying to recover from. That means I spent time on the couch working on hand stitching! I started adding a basic running stitch 1/4" away from the stars to the table dresser runner.
Hand stitching begins...

Prior to Friday I finished one of the six Salt Water/sketch napkins. The other five are in the awkward poofy stage that any self-binding, mitered-corner item has to go through, so they should be finished soon.
Napkins in various states of done-ness

Those were my old projects. As for the new, I made yet another potholder for my boyfriend's aunt. This way she will have enough to be choosy about which ones to keep. This was my first kaleidoscope block and since piecing anything that needs to look tidy without foundation paper is a recipe for disaster (Anyone else? Or is this just me?) I used a paper pieced pattern (found here) in the hopes of achieving nice, crisp points. Mission accomplished!
Kaleidoscope Potholder


  1. I really like your hand quilting project Sabrina, it's looking great.

  2. Ugh. Sorry you're not well. Love the handwork though! :)