01 April 2014

April Fools?

Warning: This post has nothing to do with April Fools Day, other than the date it was written on.

Sometimes I just really need to sew but no one is getting married or having kids, so there is no reason to start a whole quilt (especially since there are 5 quilt fronts hanging out in a drawer with no purpose or home). To satisfy my stitch-craving, I practiced my FMQ for a few hours. Be kind, I'm only used to doing stipple.
FMQ practice

Progress has been made on April's LYoF goal (and it is only April first!) and all the paper pieces ripped out of my EPP dresser table runner thingamajig and it is now basted. But now I'm stuck because I don't know if it should be machine or hand quilted. What would you do?
EPP Table runner has paper pieces pulled out and is basted!

Here's another grocery tote that got whipped up. This one is the designated meat tote, so that never again will a package of bacon touch my yogurt and give me the heebeejeebees. This way it will be tremendously easy to wash it after every trip.
Tote bag

It would appear that black/red was the color combo of the weekend. Here's a teeny tiny wide mouth pouch for holding little things in my purse.
Teeny tiny open wide pouch

And lastly here's a potholder for the boyfriend's mom.
Bird nest potholder


  1. Wow! You have lots of projects going. I think your FMQ looks pretty good. I've never braved doing any. For your runner, I would machine quilt it, as machine quilting seems to hold up better over time, but maybe add some accent hand quilting in a contrasting color. Great projects. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those stars are gorgeous! So simple but so striking.