22 April 2014

Quilt, Purse, Chickens

Last week I volunteered to donate a quilt for a silent auction. The proceeds from which will go to San Antonio Girls Inc. and their STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) summer programs for girls, which is something I think is desperately needed. Woot! So I wanted to make something moderately sciencey. The only bad thing is that the quilt needs to be done by April 25th, because that is the only chance I have to drop it off. AHH!

I decided to do a gradient of blues to represent astronomical twilight--the time of day when the sun is far enough below the horizon so that stars are starting to be visible. The blues I decided on (in order) are: Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Royal, Bella Amelie Blue, Bella Bright Sky, Bella Little Boy Blue, and Kona Bahama Blue

I wanted the stars to be different sizes and shapes, so I ordered fabric from Fat Quarter Shop on Monday and had it by Wednesday. Yay for living so close to them! By the time I left town for the weekend on Friday, I had this much done. Pretty impressive considering how much grading I had to do. But then not so impressive when you factor in that I didn't work on anything else and had one night of total insomnia where I just kept sewing all night because I wasn't sleepy.
Astronomical Twilight progress

Yesterday was my odd day when I teach from 9-11:30 then not again until 7pm, so in that big gap of time, I finished up the front. Backing fabric was purchased today, so it will get basted tonight and hopefully quilted Wednesday.
Astronomical Twilight front is finished

Since I had a big gap of time yesterday after the quilt front was finished, I decided to work on a purse. I am in need of a fancy purse since every other purse I have made is covered with crazy fabric. I combined the shape of this bag with the fabric cones from this bag. I am loving the way it turned out! The grey and green are both linen.

Close-up of the cones. It looks frumpy because I didn't have fusible fleece, so I had to settle for FMQ on some regular batting.
Purse detail

And I couldn't resist throwing in some Star Wars fabric since the colors matched so well. My inner nerd is very happy about this.
Star Wars purse lining

And continuing with the bright green, we have the now 10 week old chickens! They are huge! Also, they now live outside in a bright green enclosure.
Chickens are 10 weeks old!

Eight have already gone to their forever homes, so we are left with seven. Four of these are still needing to be re-homed, which will leave us with the three we want to keep.
10 weeks old and moved outside!


  1. Love all those blues. Your bag looks great too.

  2. The quilttop Looks so beautiful, love the Way the Stars are floating from one Blue into the other. And the bag is gorgeous and unique!

  3. Love that blue gradient! Really nice work! I'm sure it will raise a load of cash for the STEM summer programs. :)

  4. Love your star wars lining fabric - very cool!

  5. Your quilt looks great and I love the blues. I am totally in love with that purse! I so wish I could wrap my head around the construction of a purse to be able to just whip them up like that!

    Stopping by from Lee's WIP hop http://www.domesticdeficitdisorder.blogspot.com/2014/04/wip-wednesday-april-23rd.html

  6. I love that you whipped up a purse in a day. A project like that would take me a month! :) Looks great!
    Also love your stars quilt - it's pretty fantastic!