29 April 2014

Dresser Runner Finish and More

I finished my Lovely Year of Finishes goal for April: My EPP table dresser runner! I love it! I ended up doing FMQ inside the stars and added 1/4" echo quilting around the stars, by hand.

I love the way it turned out! In case you are interested, the dresser is called Hemnes from Ikea (their solid wood line).

Now that my Hemnes is protected from scratches, I can start covering it with rocks to avoid any accumulation of clothes on top of my dresser. This is my favorite hunk of fluorite!
In case you want to see the progression of this project, here are all the links.
EPP blocks being assembled
Front complete (LYoF goal link-up post)
Basting done
FMQ done
Hand quilting done

I also made progress on the 241 tote I'm making for my secret partner in Super Swaps.
Super Swaps. One side of a 241 tote.

And lastly I am going to leave you with my new plants from the San Antonio Cactus/Succulent show this past weekend. The two on the outside are both Haworthia limifolia var variegata, and the one in the middle is a Haworthia truncata. I had never seen the varigated limifolias before and I was torn between the two but settled on the left one. My boyfriend's mom could tell I was agonizing over making this decision and then second guessing myself once I had made it, so she bought me the one on the right as an early birthday present! Thanks, April!
My new Haworthias!


  1. I followed over from WiP Wednesday, and I'm glad I found you! I like your style, and am a fellow nerd, although not currently paid to be a nerd :) I can't wait to see what you do next!

  2. gorgeous dresser runner! I need a dresser so I can make one of these... mine has ended up covered in books and stuffed bunnies!