09 September 2014

New Swatch? (I need advice!)

In a couple of weeks my Swatch collection might be growing, but I can't seem to decide which one to get (if I get one) and I have to go in there with a plan or else I will panic. If anyone happens to see this and has an opinion on which I should get, it would be most appreciated.

For background information, I have a handful of Swatches and they are all bright and colorful so I'm looking for something a little more tame (which I didn't stick to, as you will see). I have narrowed it down to these.

The Scoprimi

  • Pros: Accent stitching is actual stitching, not printed. Has numbers! Has day/date! Lowest cost.
  • Cons: Most boring of the five.

On the Grill

  • Pros: No band markings that can wear off. Has day/date! Second lowest cost.
  • Cons: No numbers. Almost too tame.

Silver Glam

  • Pros: Dots for numbers! No markings that can wear off. See thru for interest. Mid-range price.
  • Cons: No date. 

Chromatic Water

  • Pros: Can wear scuba diving. Has date (not day). Dots in place of numbers. Blends in while being excitng.
  • Cons: Very tall profile. Rotating bezel and large knob can get caught in hair. Second most expensive.


  • Pros: No markings that will wear away. Has date! Has numbers! Minute and second timers! Blends in while being exciting!
  • Cons: Will the white get dirty? Extra buttons = more failure points. Most expensive.

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