10 September 2014

The Bunny Quilt: Front

Luna is a wonderful house bunny. She even helps me in the sewing room. Here she is in my scrap bins picking out fabric for me.
Luna hopped into my scrap bins and started helping me pick fabric.

What she didn't know was that she was picking fabric for a quilt that will be hers. Now I know that making a quilt for my bunny sounds ridiculous but hear me out. We keep her condo in my sewing room and have the bottom lined with a blanket so she can't chew on the carpet. Here is her condo.
Luna's condo

Up until now we have been using fleece blankets, but they are flimsy and she keeps biting holes into them so a sturdier option has to be found. Andrew suggested trying a drop cloth, which seemed to work. So I had the clever idea to make a quilt and back it in drop cloth material and leave it face down (so she won't chew on the pretty fabric). This was the focal block I came up with.
Luna! The focal block for the Luna quilt!

I had been wanting to try reverse applique, so I decided to give it a try.
First try at reverse applique.

This was the little bunny I came up with.
My first try at reverse applique.

I had also wanted to try the strawberry paper pieced pattern from Sew Ichigo, so I made a couple of those.
Strawberry blocks

And Luna loves eating flowers! So I made some of those too. I modified the pattern to make the stems taller and have them growing right out of the ground instead of a pot.
Two tulips for the Luna quilt.

Actually I made three, but forgot to take a picture of the third one on its own.
One flower and reverse applique bunny

And Luna's favorite thing to nibble on has to be greens, so I made her some leaves.
Leaf/stem block for the Luna quilt

So then I set about organizing these blocks into a quilt front, and here it is! Now I just need to work on building up the courage to quilt this with drop cloth material on the back.


  1. Love the whole quilt, but I especially love the bunny block :-)

  2. Luna is adorable, and so is her quilt top. I'd love my bunnies to live in my sewing room, but we keep them outside (in lovely big hutch/runs, not just in the garden!). Maybe when they get older and don't chew they can come and keep me company upstairs!