02 September 2014

Two Big Finishes + Quilt Photography Technique

Recently I finished two huge quilts. I was so excited! Then I realized that I had to somehow photograph them. Yuck. For this first one, made with Purrsnickitty from Red Rooster, I went to my old standby, duct taping the quilt to the house.
Closeup shot of Purrsnickitty quilt!

This highly technical method of hanging up a quilt for photos works great unless the quilt is large and/or you live somewhere windy. Oh wait, this quilt is large and I live somewhere windy! Needless to say, after much cursing, I came out with these photos and vowed to never do this again.
Purrsnickitty Quilt.

Then a week or so later I finished an even larger quilt and still had no easy way to hang it up. So I asked my boyfriend for advice. He at first suggested permanently affixing some kind of hook to the house, which sounded a bit too permanent. Then genius struck him! He ran inside and came back with magnets from old hard drives! These puppies are strong (so strong that if you do not store them with paper between each magnet, you will never get them apart)! Here is a pile of them holding together through his fingers!
Ridiculously strong magnets

His brilliant idea was to use the magnets to stick the quilt to the garage door and it worked perfectly! Here you can see all the different fabrics I used and the large stipple FMQ. The background variation is due to stash busting.
Closeup fabric shot

And here is an overall shot of the quilt and the amazing magnets that can overcome even South Texas wind.
Wedding quilt, done!


  1. Congrats with your beautiful finishes!

    Love from Amsterdam


  2. Nifty idea! Love the cat quilt.

    I need to find somewhere proper for hanging large quilts. Most of the time I hang them from the clothes line but they often drag on the ground or I have to put them sideways!

  3. Wish I had a garage door! Lovely finish congrats

  4. Sometimes boyfriends/husbands are so darned smart! ;) :D I'm going to keep that magnet trick in mind for the future....

  5. Great idea with the magnets! And congrats on two awesome finishes!

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  7. Wow, that is perfect! I've been struggling myself to hang quilts to the walls when tape won't hold them. If only I had a metal wall and a boyfriend with hard drive magnets haha. The quilt is lovely. I absolutely adore the poppy fabric in the center.

  8. Fabulous idea. Great quilt too.